Liberation Unleashed is…

A groundbreaking approach to the ancient question of enlightenment.

Using a close level of insight into the precise trigger mechanism for enlightenment, Liberation Unleashed opens up a new frontier in spiritual development.

We are both able, and committed, to delivering real enlightenment.

You will need to bring your integrity, curiosity, and courage with you.  But if you'll provide those, we'll do the rest.

We don't ask that you pay us.  We ask that you pay it forward.

On this site you will find the gateway to an online network of volunteers, all working to liberate real people, in real life.

We do this in the spirit of openness, and for the sake of compassion, love, and the benefit of all.  

All are welcome to join us, all are welcome to contribute - all are welcome to be free.

As we have an unprecedented and striking clarity of the precise trigger mechanism for the enlightened state, you may find some of our work jarring.  We do not just bring the zen insights, but sometimes the zen stick also.  Focus is just as important as accuracy, and we'll help you with both.

You'll find on the left hand side a navigation menu to the various parts of our site.  Have a look around.  Just remember - if you feel that you have searched long enough that you wish to find something, this and this alone is why we are here.

Welcome to Liberation Unleashed.